Fun Android Games For On The Go

Fun Android Games For On The Go

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Many of us now live the type of life where it seems as if we are always on the go. It can be hard finding ways to relax and unwind when you live like this. Now for the good news, there are a lot of popular android games you can play for a few minutes at a time whenever you have a bit of free time.

Nothing can help you unwind and relax quite like playing a favorite game for a few minutes before you get back to the daily grind. The following are some popular android games that you may enjoy.

NEO Scavenger

This popular role-playing game is ideal for anyone that only has a few minutes of spare time to kill. In this game, you go on an epic quest to discover more of the main character’s history. Along the way, you are going to have to gather supplies, plan your route, and vanquish your enemies.


Oceanhorn is a third person action and fantasy game that is sure to appeal to a large audience base. It’s easy to play, is visually stunning, and should give you hours of entertainment. If you are a fan of games in the mode of Legend of Zelda, the Oceanhorn will probably quickly become a favorite game you love to play.

Injustice 2

Comic book properties are incredibly popular right now and have resulted in more blockbuster movies than can easily be counted. In this game, you get to play as any of a number of popular DC Comics characters and do battle with others. The action is similar to the hugely popular Street Fighter games of the past, making this game a likely favorite of both comic book fans and also fighting game fans.

Modern Combat Versus

First person shooters are one of the most popular types of games because they allow the player to see and experience the game from the perspective of actually being in it on the ground level. In this game, players will enjoy beautiful graphics, immersive environments, and exciting fighting sequences.


If you are a fan of any iteration of poker, then playing an android version of the game will probably be something you really enjoy doing. Be warned though, some of these games can be quite challenging, especially to anyone that is a novice. So before you begin make sure you take the time to go through a poker tutorial, so you will at least have a basic concept of the game down before you really start to play it.

Alpha Street Storm

If you are a fan of racing games, the Alpha Street Storm should provide you with the rush and excitement that you are looking for. Most of us will never have the chance to collect and drive these dream cars in the real world, so this really is the next best thing. You get to drive some of the most amazing cars in the world through the streets of some of the most famous cities in the world.

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