Simplest Strategies that a Newbie Rummy Player should Follow

Simplest Strategies that a Newbie Rummy Player should Follow

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Whenever we plan to do something new, we make all sorts of enquiries about it so that we can begin on a sound footing and a confident note. The new project might be a pretty simple one as joining a gym or a relatively much complex one as setting up a new business venture. Classic rummy is a game of skills. It implies that in order to play the game well, you must possess adequate knowledge about it and certain skills. Knowledge helps you to acquire the requisite skills and those skills help in further augmenting your awareness level. Together they pave your way to success.

One of the main advantages of today’s well connected world is that everything is just a click away. That means even if you are a novice rummy player, you have access to a plenty of information on the net. Through this online blog, we intend to apprise the budding rummy players of the basic strategies of the amazing card game.

  • Pure Sequence is of Paramount Significance

Two sequences are mandatory, and one of them must be pure i.e. formed without the use of Joker cards. Until and unless you have a pure sequence in place, other combinations made by you would not yield much. Just in case some other player declares, your points would be calculated on the basis of pure sequence. If you have it, points of only those cards are counted which do not form a part of any run or set. However, if the lifeline pure run is missing, things might go haywire as points of all the cards you hold will add up and you may end up losing by 80 points, which is the highest loss value.

  • High Value Cards – Assets or Junk

Number 10 card, Jack, Queen, King and Ace carry 10 points each and are deemed as high value cards. The question is what to do with them. It is generally perceived that one should get rid of them as soon as possible. And this is actually true in case you do not have a pure run. However, if you have successfully formed a pure run, you can very well meld your high value cards into combinations.

  • Jokers

Joker cards make your task easier by allowing you to use them in place of any card. Combinations formed using jokers are called ‘impure’. You can make clever use of jokers to meld your cards. However, it is inordinately crucial that you have a pure sequence in place.

  • Be Watchful

Another very crucial aspect of this card melding game is that you must closely observe the moves of your fellow players. Note the cards picked and discarded by them to guess what combinations they could be aiming at. Take care not to drop the cards they might need. Winning or losing the game hugely depends on the number of turns players take to meld their cards. So, if you could somehow make your adversaries take more turns, it could be of great help to you.

  • Don’t Act Impulsively

Remember to look before you leap. You must carefully contemplate the consequences of each and every step of yours, before putting it into action. Reckless decisions can cost you your victory. You must always stay focused on your goal, never becoming careless and never getting perturbed. It is after all a game, meant primarily for your recreation.

  • Know When to Drop

Sometimes, it is better to opt out of the game to restrict your loss. When you are dealt the cards, have a careful look at them. Try to figure out how many turns you might require to meld them. At times, you might feel that too many turns would be needed to achieve the task. In such a scenario, it is advisable to drop. Dropping in the first turn enables a player to limit the loss to 20 points, while dropping in the second or third turn raises the points to 40. However, it is better than losing by 80 points.

  • Every Experience is a Lesson

It is said that ‘Learning is a never ending process.’ All of us tend to make mistakes even in our life. Learn from your mistakes and turn them into lessons, so that you don’t repeat them. That is why, practice helps us in attaining perfection.

  • Practice Tables

Once you know the theory properly, the next step is implementation. Knowing how to drive a car is not enough to make you a proficient driver. You need to actually drive it to learn driving. Just as new drivers learn to man oeuvre the vehicle on less crowded streets, you should play the game on free practice tables first. This will help you know where you stand and overcome your shortcomings. This is necessary before you take a plunge into the cash games, as they witness the presence of rummy pros from all over the nation.

In the Nutshell

It is quite apparent that if we want to play a game, we must know its rules. However, in addition to that, we must also be familiar with the winning strategies that can propel us to success. A game is played mainly to have fun, but equally true is the fact that when we emerge victorious, it multiplies our fun. Hope this rummy blog is successful in enlightening novice rummy players about the fundamental strategies of classic rummy. Happy playing!

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